Tints every hair in a rich and brilliant black – we recommend usage on eyelashes and very dark eyebrows.

Tinted eyelashes and eyebrows draw attention to your eyes without appearing artificial. Eyelashes are longer and eyebrows are being enhanced and receive a clear and defined outline. Grey or white hair is covered up completely and shine in new, fresh colour.

The new 2-step tinting system makes it possible to tint eyelashes and eyebrows on your own in only 2 steps – the application is simple and safe. In only 3 minutes time you are top styled, no matter if on holiday, during workouts or in everyday life. The colour lasts up to 6 weeks and is smudge and water resistant!


Content: 1 tube Colour Gel (3,5ml), 1 tube Developer Gel (3,5ml), 1 Application Stick, 1 Tinting Brush, 16 Eye Protection Papers. One package is sufficient for 8 tinting applications.

Beauty Lash Tinting Kit Sensitive Black

SKU: BL58670
Option 1: black
  • 1) Remove contact lenses. Clean eyelashes and eyebrows before tinting with an oil-free eye make-up
    remover. For an optimal tinting result, lashes and brows have to be dry and non-greasy.
    Take two eye protection papers and apply fat skin cream to the raw side of the protection papers. To
    avoid staining the skin while tinting, press the eye protection papers gently below the lower lash
    lines. Protect the rest of the skin in the eye-area by applying cream to the upper eyelids and around
    the eyebrows. Please be careful not to put cream on the hair that is to be tinted.
    2) Open (1) Colour Gel and press a pea-sized amount of the product into one of the deepening’s of
    the plastic dish. Apply the product with the brush to your lashes like you would apply mascara.
    Afterwards also apply the product from above to the lash line, so that every hair from root to tip is
    completely and evenly covered with Colour Gel.
    In case, you use the same colour for your eyebrows, you can apply the colour with the same brush in
    direction of hair growth to your eyebrows. Application time: 2 minutes.
    3) The Colour Gel is absorbed by the hair. After two minutes, remove residues first from your
    eyebrows, then from your lashes with a dry cotton swab or a cosmetic tissue by wiping the lashes
    between thumb and index finger. Remove the colour as gently and thoroughly as possible.
    4) Press a pea-sized amount of Developer Gel out of tube (2) into the second deepening of the plastic
    dish. Apply the Developer Gel with the application stick to eyelashes and eyebrows. They should be
    completely covered from root to tip. Please note, that the gel should be transparent when getting in
    contact with hair; therefore please wipe the application stick with a cosmetic tissue before using it
    again.. Work precisely in order to avoid staining the skin.
    Application time: 1 minute.
    5) After the application time, remove the Developer Gel with a moist cotton pad from your
    eyebrows. Afterwards remove the eye protection papers and wipe off the rest of the Developer Gel
    from your lashes.

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